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Finland`s ”Latin ambassador” Norlan El Misionario has being chosen to UMK 2015 contest

Cuban rapper Norlan El Misionario and his song ” No voy al llorar por ti” has being chosen out of hundreds of demos to be one of the 18 artists performing in the eliminations for Finland`s Eurovision Song Contest- UMK 2015.

Norlan is the first Latin artist in the long history of Finland`s Eurovisions and possibly the most exotic candidate ever.

Norlan started making music in Cuba in 1996. He brought reggaeton music to Finland in 2005, and his Spanish song ” Sauna Caliente” rose to the top of Finland`s national single chart list in 2008. Now a days beside reggaeton Norlan does various types of different Latin & Caribbean music, working also as a DJ and a host of famed Club Sauna Caliente.

Norlan is well known of his explosive stage energy and his charisma. Norlan`s mother language is Spanish and it is also the language of his song in the competition. The song is very personal because it is about Norlan´s father who was very dear to him. The distance between Finland and Cuba didn`t allow Norlan to be by his fathers side when he died. In the song Norlan sings: ” How I have suffered from not being able to kiss your face to say good bye, that is a price that an immigrant has to pay”. "No voy a llorar por ti" is appreciation and tribute to his own father.

When Norlan El Misionario was asked why he should win UMK contest he answered: ”I believe I have international experience and colour to give to this contest. Spanish is world`s 2nd most spoken language and I have a burning desire to win this contest and take Finland to the victory. We live year 2015, and now it would be the perfect moment for Finland to show to the rest of Europe that we are also world`s citizens. I want to spread a positive & multicultural message of Finland with me.

Musically Latin rhythms are very popular right now all over the world. I will bring to UMK and Eurovisions exoticism, warmth and a song that can be international success and which has a very real and powerful message".

Norlan is preparing at the moment his 3rd solo album and he`s concentrating to UMK contest. The upcoming album is called ”Caribbean KoneXion”. The album includes variety of different musical styles from Caribbean islands and joyful hot rhythms. Norlan has also played as DJ the past 4 years at the biggest nightclubs all over Finland and he knows what kind of music makes people dance in Finland and internationally as well. Playing as a DJ has also given Norlan a lot of inspiration to his upcoming album. ”No voy a llorar por ti” was written to be a part of his next album.

In Finland Norlan has being touring actively and he has shared the stage with many national and international megastars such as: Pitbull, Akon, Sean Kingston, Fat Joe ja Nina Sky. In December 2014 Norlan warmed up for Enrique Iglesias as a DJ at his concert in Hartwall Arena which was sold out with over 12 000 people.


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